About Red Lion Circle

Red Lion Circle is a Singapore law firm focused on providing top quality legal advice and representation in three key areas: civil litigation, criminal defence and IP portfolio management.

The firm strives to provide such services at reasonable legal fees, allowing a client to focus on growing their business or resolving a dispute and moving forward without being financially strapped.

A senior lawyer will be dedicated to your case from the very beginning. The firm does not engage in high volume legal work and will not treat a client as a number. Each case file is managed by the senior lawyer and clients are updated within 2 hours of every court event.

The associates achieve these internal standards this by employing technology to manage processes, legal research and due diligence (ALPS), and provide timely communications. These are merged with traditional techniques to provide legal services befitting a new decade.

We encourage load sharing, wherein the clients' involvement in certain processes allows for further costs reduction. Additionally, almost all communication is conducted electronically, saving the client unnecessary expenses and allowing the firm to play its part in respecting the environment. Almost all facets of the firm are digitized.

Cyber security considerations are taken seriously at the firm. Your data and your confidentiality are treated with the utmost priority.

There are no short cuts the firm takes. Associates will provide reasoned legal advice based on legal research and due diligence. Prospective clients are requested to meet early and allow for an iterative exchange of instructions and facts in order for the firm to deliver to the clients' satisfaction.

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